6 Week Guided Meditation To Step Into Confidence

Are you looking to move forward on your spiritual or business journey?

Do you want more clarity on the steps you need to take?

Be more in control of your daily life?

Have the confidence to take up those opportunities when they present themselves to you?

I have channeled 6 guided meditations that will empower you step into confidence.

  • Week 1 ~ Clearing Negativity

    This is clearing all negative energy that you have accumulated over the years to make way for more positive energy to come into you.

  • Week 2 ~ Compassion

    This will empower you have compassion not just for others but for yourself as well. 

  • Week 3 ~ Forgiveness

    This will empower you not just forgive others but forgive yourself as well. 

  • Week 4 ~ Intuition

    This will allow you to trust and connect to your intuition.

  • Week 5 ~ Passion

    This will re-ignite your passion that may have been dampened down by your daily life over the years.

  • Week 6 ~ Self Confidence

    One of the things most people feel they lack but really they don’t. It’s just a case of connecting back to it.

Purchase For Access

The investment in this 6 week guided meditation series is only £33 for lifetime access. There is also an accompanying worksheet for you to write or draw any insights you may get when doing these meditations.