My personal journey to help people

I have been interested in all things spiritual since I was a child and have always been fascinated in the mind and how we can help ourselves.


In 2002 (about the time Angelic Reiki was making its appearance) I went on a life changing trip trekking in Peru and doing the three day Inca trail to Machu Picchu, which led me to quitting my 9-5 office job when I got back and taking a different career path helping people.

In 2008 I completed part 1&2 of Angelic Reiki and became more involved with angels and all things angelic. Traveling was a big part of my life meeting new people around the world with various ideas and experiences. I discovered new therapies and ways of working with the mind.

Synchronicity in 2012 saw me continuing the Angelic Reiki training and attunements completing parts 3&4, Practitioners and then in 2014 I became a Master Teacher.

I can now teach and practice Angelic Reiki anywhere in the world.

I became more involved in meditation and the way the subconscious can help relax, teach and change lives so I began hosting Afternoon Tea with the Angels and Meditation evenings.

Always at the back of mind was past life regression and I found working on my past lives helped me move forward in this life and hypnosis kept cropping up.

In 2017 the right teacher and hypnosis course appeared in my life and due to the training and case studies I am now practicing hypnosis in hypnotherapy.

I am fully certified in Hypnosis.

The next stage of my journey will be learning Transformational Regression Therapy (TRT) to explore past lives and help people on their own healing and journey.

I am fully insured with Balens and a member of British Complementary Medicine Association and The Healer Foundation.