My personal journey to help people

My personal journey to help people

As all journeys do mine started when I was a child, always into all things spiritual and have always been fascinated in the mind, especially how we can shape the life we chose to be born into. I used to go with my parents to spiritualist churches and was surrounded by family & close friends who practiced tarot, palmistry, or had an interest in many different theologies and spiritual ideas.

As I grew up, I dabbled in Tarot Cards, Runes and even followed a Pagan path that led me to Wicca. But that’s not all, I also enjoy creating and telling stories as well as acting on stage.

Peru Inca trail journey

A huge turning point came in 2002 when through various synchronicities I ended up trekking through Peru and tackling the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. This journey shook things up, big time, and when I got back, I said goodbye to my boring office job and set out on a different path. This path was to help others transform their present life to fully step into their power and be the best person they were born to be.

After that journey, Angels started showing up more in my life. Synchronicities started appearing that led me on a path to Angelic Reiki, learning everything I could and becoming an Angelic Reiki Master teacher by 2014.

Angelic Reiki introduced me to a formal understanding of meditation and a realisation that I had a knack for guiding people through meditative journeys to assist them in their lives. My fascination with the mind led me to train in Hypnotherapy which opened doors to exploring Past Lives and Future Possibilities.

For over 20 years I journeyed down to Glastonbury exploring, clearing, healing and connecting with my Celtic roots. Originally bringing transformation and healing into my life and for the last few years running retreats to bring transformation and healing into others’ lives.

In 2022 I literally had the rug pulled out from under me and was left feeling lost, confused and a victim who had given away my power to others. For a couple of days, I allowed myself the time to experience all the human experience of vulnerability, before re-connecting with my spiritual side and taking a deeper look at what had happened.

I then looked deep into what had happened and how I had given away my power and looked at the situation from a higher level. This allowed me to see that the Universe wanted to push me quicker into my evolution as a guide, nudging me to walk a path I had fully yet to embrace.

With the support of the Universe and some wonderful friends I’ve met on this journey I worked on some remnants from the more than 300 lifetimes, fragments I had not yet confronted that required healing and release to take back control of my destiny. It wasn’t easy, I cried, lost weight, had sleepless nights and sometimes doubted the outcome, but I understood these were human feelings I needed to experience and work through.

Using Meditation, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Angelic Reiki Healing, consulting Angel/Oracle Cards, the tools I use for guiding others I’ve remembered my Divine Presence to heal my past, create my future, and transform my present, creating a new timeline for myself. All this has led me to understand that my purpose is to guide others on their own personal journeys, helping them remember their Divine Presence and fulfill their purpose in this lifetime.

I work online or in person, I teach Angelic Reiki, Future Life Progression including Past Life Regression, create online workshops/courses and give talks on stage or podcasts.