Afternoon Tea with the Angels

Room ready for Afternoon Tea with the Angels

Are you interested in angels and do you want to find out more about them?

Do you want to meet like minded people in a social setting and have afternoon tea?

If you do then this meeting which takes place once a month on a Sunday is something you will enjoy.

We chat about angels and spiritual matters, do angel card readings, a guided meditation, have afternoon tea and have a wonderful relaxed angelic afternoon.

But the most important thing when you come to the Afternoon Tea is so that you forget about everyday life for a couple of hours and you chill out with like minded people.

Because it is held at my therapy room in Dartford you should feel at home in a comfortable setting.

I provide gluten and dairy free items for the Afternoon Tea as well as herbal teas alongside regular tea and coffee.

All it costs is £10 and a couple of hours of your time.

Afternoon Tea with the Angels

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