Angel Wings Membership

If you are looking for a space to connect with your authentic true self, your soul, remember why you are here but you feel lost and not sure what your next step is then becoming a member of Angel Wings will support you on this journey.

  • Connect more with your spiritual side
  • Know who you truly are and not just what others think you should be
  • Know you are not alone in your journey and that there is support for you
  • Move forwards and away from the past
  • Trust your intuition more
  • Find out what your life purpose is
  • Break the habit of self-sabotage and lack of confidence in your abilities
  • Make a difference to your and other people’s lives
  • Step into your power and embrace yur transformation
  • And so much more

Join our waitlist

The monthly subscription will give you access to the following and much more:

Guided meditations, How to videos, PDF's/Meditations about Archangels/Ascended Masters etc.

A private Facebook community page and Whatsapp group with other like-minded people with whom you can talk about angels or any other esoteric subjects without judgement or ridicule. Ask questions and get support if needed.

Within this membership there will be bespoke channeled guided meditations for what you need, group sessions of Angelic Reiki, Future Life Progression (FLP) and Past Life Regression (PLR) and much more.

Two monthly live video calls where members can have a Q&A with me, practice card readings on each other, mini masterclasses, guided meditations, guest speakers or anything else that comes up.

I will also be offering draws to win free sessions with me.

You will also get exclusive member discounts:

15% off any of the services I offer and 30% off any workshops I run (apart from FLP) and be the first to know of any workshops or events I may be running or taking part in

Free access to attend the Afternoon Tea With The Angels (in-person or online). You will need to book to come along or join in.

Free access to monthly online meditation evening.

“I joined Angel Wings because I wanted to belong to a group of similar minded people. I have gained confidence to grow on my spiritual path in a supportive group. I have learnt to use my intuition more & that I had great gifts to share with the world. Join to belong & develop your skills where you always feel understood & supported. Totally worth the monthly membership” Jane
“I have learnt & am still learning how to live & enjoy my life with guides, angels, my higher self, a ménage of animal spirits & all other higher beings. I have gained confidence in trusting myself. Anyone joining will gain exactly what they need to enjoy themselves as a beautiful, kind soul” Suzi.
“I joined Angel Wings because I wanted to find a likeminded group of people which I have. By being part of this community I have gained more experience in expressing myself and following my intuition. By joining you can share experiences & express your real inner-self” Valentina
“I really like the monthly live video calls where we get a chance to share our experiences. It feels great to be part of a community where you feel like you belong. It also helps me gain more confidence to be who I am and speak my truth. The membership allows me to access a range of meditations to listen to and work through at home. Great meditations, nice group of like-minded people and Rae is a great guide on your journey of connecting deeper with your soul” Diane
"Angel Wings is a group that gives me a chance to talk about spiritual things, do card readings etc which have helped further my understanding, gain knowledge, build confidence and intuition" Kevin.

Membership is now closed to new members until June/July There is a waitlist where you can register your interest and be notified if a space becomes available or when it opens again.