Angelic Reiki – how can it help you

Angelic Reiki – how can it help you

001Angelic Reiki is a beautiful nurturing healing energy that comes direct from the angels.

The angelic energy goes straight to the root of any problem whether physical, mental or emotional in this life time or previous life times.

This is because the angels know more about us then we often know about ourselves or we care to admit. You may have a sore shoulder and want it healed, but the angels may decide that to make it better they need to work on a past life or emotional issue. This may sound strange but the physical ailment could be caused on a subconcious level by an emotional issue you aren’t aware of.

Because it works on every level it can help with depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD and any other conditions, including those that are acute and chronic. It can be used alongside orthodox medicine and other holistic or complementary therapies and is suitable for everyone including pregnant women, babies, children and animals. It is a very effective tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

You don’t need to have a problem to use Angelic Reiki as it can also just help with making you feel more chilled out.

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