Angelic Reiki® Party

Would you like a unique style of party when you have a group of friends round for any celebration or get together, if so then why not host an Angelic Reiki Party and invite the angels into your home.

This includes:

A group meditation to start the evening

Each person then receives a 15 minute Angelic Reiki treatment, a crystal and Angelic card reading.

What’s required:

Minimum of 4 guests including the host

Seperate space/room with a chair for the Angelic Reiki treatment

A minimum of 2 ½ hours which can be evenings or weekends

Provide refreshment and snacks

The cost of this is available on request.

You can use the contact tab to book the Angelic Reiki party or request more information.

2 thoughts on “Angelic Reiki® Party

    • Hello Carol,

      Unfortunately i’m not available that weekend and another lady who I know also does Angelic Reiki parties will also be at the Angelic Reiki conference that weekend.

      Rae x

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