Who or what are angels?


That’s a question people have been asking for millennia and everyone has their own opinion.
My personal opinion is that angels are energy in its purest form untouched by the energy we create by being human. We are energy in a solid form in this time and place but the angels are fluid energy that cover all times and places.
Sometimes angels will appear to us and the form they take on is one that you will understand whether in the shape of a human, animal or the classic version with wings.
Angels are around to guide us on our life path whatever road we have chosen but they can only help us if we ask. They can’t sort our problems out for us but if you ask and listen they will guide and help you to sort those problems out yourself (remember we have free will).
Whenever I do Angelic Reiki on a client I always feel elated and happy afterwards, such is the powerful energy of the angels.
So my question to you is who or what do you think angels are?

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