Future Life Progression – You no longer need to worry about the future because you’ve seen it

Future Life ProgressionDid you know that not only can you travel back in time through Past Life Regression (PLR) but you can also travel forward in time without the aid of a time machine or DeLorean car?

This is what Future Life Progression (FLP) can do, take you five, ten years into the future, or even into a future lifetime. Imagine if you knew five years ago what you know now. What would you have told yourself? What would you have done differently?

You may be thinking why is it helpful to see our future life, surely that is something that is predestined and shouldn’t we be living in the present?

Would it be valuable to save time and money on bad ideas? Have the opportunity to develop abandoned creative ideas or even explore ideas you have not yet thought of? Witness yourself already living your life purpose? Explore your relationships and seen who you should have kept or who you should have let go. See your future home, what courses you should take and so much more. Through working with Future Life Progression I know that when we visit our future we can change our present, and by changing our present we can be in total charge of our destiny. There is nothing in our lives that we can’t change if we know what the outcome will be.

Think about it, everything that you do in your present creates your future so if you change your decisions or behaviour now this will create the best possible future for you.

So how does this work? Well did you know that science has proven that only 5% of the thoughts we have on a daily basis come from our conscious mind and that 95% are coming from our subconscious mind. So if we want to make significant positive changes, then the best way to do this is to go beyond the critical/conscious part of our mind and change the thought pattern while in an altered state of consciousness by connecting with our higher selves or source.

During a Future Life Progression you are guided to relax your mind and body and get it into a theta state (just think about when driving and you suddenly find yourself at the end of your journey but you don’t remember getting there, knowing that you must have stopped at traffic lights and given way to other traffic) this is what scientists call ‘consciously slipping into a state of deep relaxation while remaining conscious.

Once you are taken into your future whether five years, ten years or a future lifetime you may experience this as a vision, a physical experience or a knowing depending on your most dominant sense. The three most dominant ones are sight, hearing or feeling (knowing) though you still experience the others just in different strengths.

But you may be thinking what if five years in the future my life hasn’t changed and I’m still in the same job, relationship or I still don’t know my life purpose?

If that is the case then we explore why things haven’t changed and what opportunities you may have missed or things you haven’t done. We then go ten years in the future, and by then especially with the knowledge you picked up at five years, you see your life changed for the better. You then bring everything you learnt back to the present and start making the changes, so that in five years time you have changed your life.

Let’s say you are looking for a new career and are offered two jobs, but don’t know which one to take, as both seem equally good.

We would take you five years into the future in the first job, and you would explore that and see how things are. We would then come back to the present and go five years into the future with the second job, and you would explore that and see how things are there.

Maybe the first job provides a really good salary but you have no home-life, and are stressed out. The second job may show you with a smaller, or similar, salary, but you are happier with a home life. Chances are you would take the second job.

But, what we would then do is take you to a third possibility in five years, the most perfect job for you. You may find you are doing something you never thought of, or the same career but with a different company, and life is much better than the first two. Would you take the second job or start looking for the third?

Once you have visited your future, experienced it, and even talked to your future self, you will have gained insight and knowledge. Bring back that wisdom and energy into the present, and start taking control of your destiny. You no longer need to worry about the future because you’ve seen it, and can create it much sooner than the future, now, in the present.


Cord Cutting

Cord CuttingDid you know that every time you interact with somebody you both energetically connect and a cord is created between you? That could be with the person who serves you in a shop, the person you chat to at the bus stop, a work colleague, a friend or family member, in fact anyone.

Because you are both attached to the same cord you can actually influence each others moods, emotions or feelings. Now this isn’t as scary as you think because a majority of the cords are very fine and break apart naturally especially with people who you interact with for a very short time and no emotional attachment.

So if there is an emotional attachment either positive or negative with someone like love, anger, hurt, fear, joy etc then those cords can be a bit thicker and will not break apart easily and naturally even if you aren’t going to see that person again. This means that even if you forget them the cords are still there and their energy can affect you and your energy can affect them without you realising.

This is why cord cutting is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself either every day, once a week or once a month whichever feels right for you. When you cut cords you automatically feel calmer, more positive and like a weight has lifted ready for new relationships to come in.

Now cord cutting will not break positive ties between you because the energy of those cords vibrate higher and are full of love and positivity unless of course you want them to be cut.

There are many ways of cord cutting from asking Archangel Michael to cut any cords whilst seeing his sword cutting through the cords, energy healing and many more that you can find online.

I personally like calling on Archangel Michael and seeing his blazing sword cutting and cauterizing any cords in front of me, behind me, to my left, to my right, in front, behind and anywhere else they need to severed.

Universal Love Event 21/12/2016


Why have I created this event on Facebook you may be asking?

At this moment in time there appears to be a lot of negativity and hate around in the world although I know there are many people who don’t believe in this and want to spread love, peace and happiness.

Take for example Standing Rock and the water protectors who are standing in peace and love against the big corporations who want to pollute the earth for money with the pipe lines they are laying which have been known to poison water. They have been dignified in not physically fighting back against the officers and private security but sending them and the corporations prayers of forgiveness and peace.

You also have the Shia Muslims who have marched through Iraq on their yearly pilgrimage who are standing up Daesh through peace, love and prayers.

I feel that by joining together with many other people and sending out love for 1 minute we can create a wave of energy that will reach all living things no matter who or what they are. Think of the ripple effect, one person becomes more positive, which in turn influences someone they know to become more positive and so on.

There is some scientific evidence that collective prayer and thoughts create positive strong energy and everyone can find 1 minute no matter where they are or what they are doing.

The 21st of December marks the winter solstice and the re-birth of the sun when days start to get longer and light replaces darkness. 12 is also an angel number of positivity and faith and 1221 hours and 2112 hours are the same numbers as the date so again stronger energy.

Please see events on my Facebook page Radiant Angel Energy or my website for more details about this event.

Google Standing Rock or #NODAPL #STANDINGROCK #WATERISLIFE for more details on what is going on there.

Would you host Archangels for a week?

This was a question I was asked and I looked into it and thought why not.

In preparation I had to create an altar which consisted of a candle (always lit), a white flower, an envelope with 3 wishes, (one for myself, one for a family member and one for the world) and an apple or something to eat at the end of the week. I also had to make sure my house was clean and tidy as if I had people staying.

On the designated evening I was at home to open the door at 1030 pm to welcome the 5 Archangels (Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) that had been sent to me by a friend. As I opened the door not only did the 5 Archangels enter but 3 extra ones (Jophiel, Sandalphon and Ariel) came in as well. The energy that came into my house that evening was wonderful and powerful so I was looking forward to spending the week with them.

The good thing is you can ask the Archangels to go with you when you go out on your daily business whether it’s to work, friends, shopping etc. Obviously when you go out or go to bed you need to snuff the candle out (unless you have an electric one) but this doesn’t have any effect on the Archangels being with you so long as it’s burning when you are at home.

The Archangels went with me wherever I went and I have to say journeys went more smoothly, shopping went quickly without queues, people I met seemed more positive and happier and I had a real sense of peace, positivity and love all around me.


I also meditated with them and am now going to share bits of what they gave me.

Archangel Ariel: we asked the fairies to go and help heal the planet so people would stop polluting it.

Archangel Gabriel: we asked the winds and clouds to help people speak the truth, love and happiness. To promote peace in the world and bring more people to their spiritual path.

Archangel Jophiel: we asked the butterflies to send joy and happiness to people so that their energies can rise and make the world a better place.

Archangel Metatron: we asked the fire flies to burn out negativity, fear and ego from people so that it would be replaced by positivity, love and sharing.

Archangel Michael: we asked the air to protect people, the rain to dissolve all cords that no longer serve people in all areas of their lives and that the lightening seals the end where the cords were so they would not attach again.

Archangel Raphael: we asked and blessed every drop of water on the planet to help heal people physically, mentally and emotionally every time they bathed, drank or got wet.

Archangel Sandalphon: we created a pentagram within a circle on the sand and used Archangel Raphael’s caduceus to send healing energy into every ley line so it would send healing energy to every part of the planet.

Archangel Uriel: we asked the sun and fire to send universal love into every living thing whenever the suns rays, the heat of a fire or candle warmed them.

The meditations were very powerful and the feeling of love, comfort and warmth were very evident.

At the end of the 5 days I sent the Archangels onto three friends, burnt the letter to send the wishes out into the universe, placed the flowers on the ground to go back into nature, ate the apple to consume the energy created and blew out the candle.

Would I host the Archangels again? ….. YES.

If after reading this you are interested in hosting the Archangels then please contact me as I can arrange for other people to send them to you.

Mother’s Day Offer

Not sure how to show your mum you care on 15th March 2015?

Fed up with the usual flowers, chocolates, dinner etc, then why not treat her to an Angelic Reiki Session?

She will love the chance to chill out and relax for an hour where she can concentrate on herself and not have any distractions.

As a special offer for those wonderful women who gave birth to us I am offering the session for £25 instead of the usual £50.

Just mention that it is for your mother and give me her name and I will put her details on a voucher for you to give to her which means she book an appointment anytime between the 15/03/15 and 15/03/2013.

Please visit my website for more information about what Angelic Reiki entails and how to contact me.

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New Year’s Resolution or Intention?

20130705_202529This has been a year of growth for me and the opportunity of meeting wonderful people through the workshops, exhibitions & healings I have attended and run.

I know a lot of people have had issues or problems come to surface this year and if you were one of them then please hang on in there as 2015 will be a better year for you. Since 2012 lots of energy shifts have been taking place and those that are ready for this change have been forced to face these challenges head on whether they have like it or not. I have been forced to face certain things this year but hopefully I acknowledged and accepted them, learnt from them and now live from a heart perspective and accept that everything in my life is as it should be for me at this time.

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions why don’t you try making intentions this year instead?

Intentions create a picture of what you want and are given to the Universe and will happen if they are for your higher good (you can also tweak intentions without feeling guilty if they don’t work) whereas resolutions focus on how you are going to do them and what you don’t want (you can’t tweak them and feel guilty if they don’t work).

Let me know how that works out for you? J.

If one of your intentions is to connect more with the angels then why don’t you attend the first Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 workshop I’m holding in 2015 and either kick start your journey or progress it further?

I’m holding it in Dartford and it will take place on Friday 16th January 6-9pm, Saturday 17th January 10am-5.30pm and Sunday 18th January 10am-5.30pm.

The cost of the workshop will be £252 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

For more information of what’s included in the course and dates for future events then please visit my website.

I am based very close to the M25 and A2. Dartford train station is only about 45 minutes or less from Charing Cross, Waterloo East, London Bridge and Victoria.

My intention for you is that 2015 will be a year of growth, fun, abundance and peace.


Last Minute Present

Yes it’s that time of year again where unless your very organised (i’m not lol) you have already done all your Christmas shopping.

If you haven’t and your still not sure what gift to get someone then why not treat them to an Angelic Reiki Session.

It is a wonderful treatment that can help them relax and chill out for an hour or work on any other ailments or issues they may have.

You can buy vouchers which last a year and are named especially for the person you get them for.

If you buy more than one voucher at the same time then a discount is offered.

Have a wonderful Yule

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MBS Kempton Park

IMG_1302 IMG_1291 IMG_1303

What can I say, it was a wonderful 2 days promoting Angelic Reiki by offering mini sessions and card readings.

I was blessed with having a very good friend come with me who is absolutely brilliant at talking to people, which allowed me to concentrate on offering the healing.

I met some lovely people at the show including the organisers Tracy and Liz from Holistic and Mystic, the other exhibitors especially those around us and of course the members of the public who took the time to visit my stand and talk about Angels and Angelic Reiki.

I ran a prize draw to offer a free Angelic Reiki session and have now emailed the winner to arrange a date.

I was very tired after the weekend especially as I was driving along the M25 every day but would I do it again…………………YES x

Exciting November Discounts

I now have a newly decorated therapy room thanks to my sister and her fiance. Not being very good at Diy and painting (think more painted person than walls lol) I was wondering who I could get to help me. Then out of nowhere my sister tells me that her fiance can wall paper and paint and would help me out for tea and jammie dodgers (other biscuits available). Well not one to miss a chance I booked him and brought packets of the biscuits.

I also found out my sister is very good at measuring, cutting and painting so they both did a marvelous job which got me thinking that even if you’ve known someone your whole life they can still surprise you with what else they can do. So you should never think that what you see or know is what you get and that everyone really does have hidden talents.

To celebrate my newly decorated room I am offering Angelic Reiki sessions at a discount of £30 for the whole of November and if you are in the emergency services or forces then the discount is even more.

Contact me on the website, by phone or Facebook page to book or for more details

Brightest Blessings x

Angelic Reiki – how can it help you

001Angelic Reiki is a beautiful nurturing healing energy that comes direct from the angels.

The angelic energy goes straight to the root of any problem whether physical, mental or emotional in this life time or previous life times.

This is because the angels know more about us then we often know about ourselves or we care to admit. You may have a sore shoulder and want it healed, but the angels may decide that to make it better they need to work on a past life or emotional issue. This may sound strange but the physical ailment could be caused on a subconcious level by an emotional issue you aren’t aware of.

Because it works on every level it can help with depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD and any other conditions, including those that are acute and chronic. It can be used alongside orthodox medicine and other holistic or complementary therapies and is suitable for everyone including pregnant women, babies, children and animals. It is a very effective tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

You don’t need to have a problem to use Angelic Reiki as it can also just help with making you feel more chilled out.