Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

Cord CuttingDid you know that every time you interact with somebody you both energetically connect and a cord is created between you? That could be with the person who serves you in a shop, the person you chat to at the bus stop, a work colleague, a friend or family member, in fact anyone.

Because you are both attached to the same cord you can actually influence each others moods, emotions or feelings. Now this isn’t as scary as you think because a majority of the cords are very fine and break apart naturally especially with people who you interact with for a very short time and no emotional attachment.

So if there is an emotional attachment either positive or negative with someone like love, anger, hurt, fear, joy etc then those cords can be a bit thicker and will not break apart easily and naturally even if you aren’t going to see that person again. This means that even if you forget them the cords are still there and their energy can affect you and your energy can affect them without you realising.

This is why cord cutting is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself either every day, once a week or once a month whichever feels right for you. When you cut cords you automatically feel calmer, more positive and like a weight has lifted ready for new relationships to come in.

Now cord cutting will not break positive ties between you because the energy of those cords vibrate higher and are full of love and positivity unless of course you want them to be cut.

There are many ways of cord cutting from asking Archangel Michael to cut any cords whilst seeing his sword cutting through the cords, energy healing and many more that you can find online.

I personally like calling on Archangel Michael and seeing his blazing sword cutting and cauterizing any cords in front of me, behind me, to my left, to my right, in front, behind and anywhere else they need to severed.

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