Divine Presence

What is Divine Presence?

DivineDivine Presence is a virtual multidimensional retreat called Correl where your higher-self/subconscious takes you backwards or forwards in time or to another dimension to explore, heal, understand or learn about where issues in this lifetime have come from or why you chose to come to Earth at this time.


Where is Correl?

Correl came to me whilst I was going into the future to see where my retreat would be and I found myself on top of a mountain standing on beautiful green grass with a magnificent magical woodland behind me. I was looking out at a mountain range filled with the most wonderful pinks, purples and golds and an unconditional love feeling was like Shangri-La/Nirvana.

As I connected I knew I was to call this place Correl and that it was a virtual multidimensional retreat that I could bring others to so they could experience unconditional love, heal and learn whilst there. It was like I was remembering my own divine presence.

As I was standing there looking out at the mountains and feeling this unconditional love I started channelling harmonics (you might call it light language or speaking in tongues) but to me it felt harmonic and brought me to tears of joy and love.

I was shown how to bring people here to experience their own retreat as each person visiting will experience it differently to someone else which is why it is so magical, transformational and multidimensional.

What is involved?

You relax either sitting or reclining and I take you into a deep state of relaxation, like a waking dream where you are aware of what is going on around you and totally in control but have gone into a dream like state (think about when you have driven from A to B only to get there and not remember the journey but you know that you stopped at lights etc).

Once in this relaxed state I guide you to Correl and from there you get to explore it and may find you visit past lives, future lives or other dimensions anywhere you need to experience to help heal you, gain wisdom and /or clarity that you can bring back to your current life so you can move forward with confidence.

You will be able to talk and describe what you see, feel, hear and/or know as I guide you through the journey (all sessions are recorded for you to listen back to). During the session I may channel harmonics to help with healing and anchoring.

Once back we will chat about your journey and how you feel about connecting to your divine presence.

Do I have to see you in person?

As with all my sessions you do not have to see me in person as you can visit Correl and have Divine Presence via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Divine Presence Session

The session is about 2 hours and is £165 and includes a recording of the journey.