After the event

After the event

MBS after MBS before

Well the Mind Body Spirit (MBS) festival is over and what an experience.

It was the first time Ruby, Pauline and myself had done this kind of event and we didn’t know what to expect. The idea first came into fruition back in August 2013 when Ruby, Ananda and myself were sitting around the kitchen table discussing how to promote Angelic Reiki. Several months later with Ananda unable to do all four days and Pauline now on board we started to plan the event including sorting out which space at the festival we would use for our stand. Once that was sorted it was all about how to decorate it, what to buy, how much to charge for treatments and most importantly how to advertise and promote Angelic Reiki to people who may never have heard of it, didn’t know the difference between Angelic and other forms of Reiki or just wanted to experience how Angelic Reiki feels. We were lucky in advice from others who had exhibited there before, other Angelic Reiki practitioners who wanted to help with advertising and of course the angels themselves. Christine Core one of the co-founders of Angelic Reiki offered to come and help out on the stand for three of the days. We decided to offer goody parcels to people who visited our stand with a gift of an angel charm, crystal and information about other practitioners. We also put together an email list that people could put their details on to receive more information about ourselves, Angelic Reiki and the group Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 training we were organising. We decided to offer a 20 minute Angelic Reiki treatment with card reading to someone every 20 minutes to give all of us a break from the healing and promoting at different times.

The day before the festival we set up the stand (once you get to the space you realise that how you thought things would fit didn’t and have to be prepared to improvise) and met a couple of our neighbours for the weekend.

After a few hours’ sleep (luckily I was staying at Ruby’s so wouldn’t have to travel in from Kent everyday) the first day arrived and we met Pauline at our stand ready to cleanse and dedicate the space. Once that had been completed the festival doors opened and people started to arrive.

Our stand was near the entrance so we found that first thing in the morning we had people enquire about Angelic Reiki, ask for prices etc. and sign up to the email list rather than experience an Angelic Reiki treatment as they wanted to look around at what else was on offer. We quickly realised that if offering treatments you needed someone to be the main voice of the stand as it got very confusing about who was doing what. Ruby (who was very good at it) took on that important role of getting people interested in experiencing Angelic Reiki on the day and giving us their details to find out more leaving Pauline and myself to concentrate on the treatments when required. We found that after lunch we got very busy and at one point I did three back to back treatments without a break (interesting experience) and all of us did Angelic Reiki on three people at one time including card readings. Luckily Ananda was able to help out with treatments/promoting for a few hours on a couple of the days, Christine Core also helped out with some treatments/promoting as well and my friend Jacquie helped promote on the last day (also making sure I ate and got to wander around the festival).

Would I do it again?

Well the whole four days (five if you include setting up) were very busy and draining but what an experience of meeting lots of interesting people, getting to explain something you are passionate about and working with the angels.

The answer is……………………………………………………………………………………………..YES!

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