Exciting November Discounts

Exciting November Discounts

I now have a newly decorated therapy room thanks to my sister and her fiance. Not being very good at Diy and painting (think more painted person than walls lol) I was wondering who I could get to help me. Then out of nowhere my sister tells me that her fiance can wall paper and paint and would help me out for tea and jammie dodgers (other biscuits available). Well not one to miss a chance I booked him and brought packets of the biscuits.

I also found out my sister is very good at measuring, cutting and painting so they both did a marvelous job which got me thinking that even if you’ve known someone your whole life they can still surprise you with what else they can do. So you should never think that what you see or know is what you get and that everyone really does have hidden talents.

To celebrate my newly decorated room I am offering Angelic Reiki sessions at a discount of £30 for the whole of November and if you are in the emergency services or forces then the discount is even more.

Contact me on the website, by phone or Facebook page to book or for more details

Brightest Blessings x

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