Finding Inspiration At Home

Finding Inspiration At Home

Guest Blog by Julie Morris


Finding inspiration when you’re not in a creative mood can be challenging, as creativity is not an ongoing faucet of ideas. However, with a bit of practice, it is a skill that can be cultivated.


Many individuals mistakenly believe that you’re born with creativity, which is not the case. Everyone has unique creative talents, and some are merely more culturally celebrated or noticed than others. Some families encourage the growth of creativity when children are young, enabling these individuals to express their talents more easily as adults, but everyone can learn.


If you never discovered how to spark inspiration, it’s never too late. Read on for tips from the spiritual experts at Radiant Angel Energy on how to tap into your creativity and find inspiration.

Getting outside

Reconnecting with your adventurous self can be an excellent way to find inspiration. There are many ways you can enjoy the outdoors, and you don’t have to go backpacking in the woods to get outside. A simple day trip on your own or with a close friend by driving somewhere new could open the doors of your mind when you’re exposed to new surroundings.


If you enjoy being active, look up some nature walks or hikes nearby and take time to appreciate the outdoors. For those who aren’t keen on getting outside, or if the weather isn’t cooperating, a short walk at sunset can inspire feelings of awe and gratitude.


Even a city walk down streets you don’t often use can offer fresh ideas. By re-discovering your surroundings, you could notice new apartments, houses, or shops you’ve never seen before. Inspiration is often sparked when we’re exposed to new things, so tapping into your inner adventurous soul could do wonders for your creativity.

Catching up with your past

Getting in touch with an old friend or family member can bring up memories from our youth; however painful sometimes, these instances are often sources of inspiration for many authors and artists. Tapping into your youth through various personal connections can shed light on our younger years in a way we haven’t seen before, opening our minds in new ways.


If your parents are still alive, try giving one of them a call and asking them about a personal memory. The memory doesn’t necessarily need to include you, it could be from their youth as well. Merely listening to someone’s recollection of a time long gone can offer incredible insight and inspire new perspectives.

Home inspiration

Our surroundings are critical for fostering creativity and a clear head. When working from home, if you’re finding yourself stifled or uninspired by your surroundings, take the time to infuse some life into your place. We spend much of our time in our home, and living in an area that isn’t conducive to creativity will only suppress our talents.


You can inject some positivity into your home by decluttering, cleaning, and letting in some fresh air can spark inspiration. Don’t underestimate the power of feng shui; if you have something blocking your window or a mirror, or a pathway, it can have profound negative effects on our creative processes.

Mingling with new characters

When we’re feeling stuck, meeting new people can have a beautiful effect on re-opening our minds. Chatting with new people can offer new perspectives on life and sometimes engage parts of our brain we haven’t accessed in a while. If we’re constantly hanging out with the same people, our lives can become routine and lack spark. Make an effort to have some friends invite new people to join your plans, and see where it leads you.


Finding inspiration when you’re stuck at home can be challenging. Creativity cannot be easily switched on and off. However, finding inspiration and tapping into our creativity can sometimes be as easy as taking the long way home.


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Guest Blog by Julie Morris

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