Future Life Progression

What is Future Life Progression (FLP)?

It is a form of relaxation that takes you into a deep, yet alert state like being in a day dream that allows you to reconnect to your subconscious/higher self and get an insight into your future.

This can be in 5 years, 10 years or your next life which will enable you to see any changes or adjustments you need to make now so you can achieve success, fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Imagine if you knew 5 years ago what you know now, what would you have changed, how would you have changed it, could you have brought the successes in earlier?

Future Life Progression

How can Future Life Progression help me?

If you feel stuck and not sure how to move your life forward, then you can see and explore alternative life paths whether this be an idea you want to try out, an opportunity you’re not sure if you should take, a decision you need to make, what other opportunities may be available to you or if you continue with what you are doing what the outcome will be.

A couple of examples are:

In business you get to see future trends, future markets, how successful your business is and what changes you need to make now to thrive in the future.

If you are looking for your new house, your forever home or having trouble selling your current property then by going into the future you get to see and explore your new home and ask your future self what changes you need to make to sell your current property.

If you are looking at a new career or what career to go into then by visiting each of your possible courses, studies or job opportunities you can see which one is going to be most beneficial to you. If you have no idea what you want or should be doing you can go into the future and see where you are.

You can bring back this knowledge so that you can make an earlier start on getting where you want to be. Of course if you don’t like what you see you can use this knowledge to make different decisions.

Everything you do in your present creates your future so if you change your decisions or behaviour now this will create the best possible future for you maybe much sooner than you think.

What happens during a session?

We will have a chat about why you are looking to do a Future Life Progression, what you want to gain out of it and any other questions you may have.

You will then relax back on a couch as I help you relax your mind and body so your subconscious that knowing part of you can take you to the future life/lives you want to know about. I will then guide you through that life asking questions which you will be able to answer. Once you have explored and learnt what you need to know I will bring you back to fully conscious state where you will remember everything.

We will then discuss the journey and deal with anything that may have come up during the session.

A Future Life Progression costs £144 and can last for about 2 hours.

The session is recorded and you will be sent the recording via email to listen to whenever you wish.

If you work in the emergency services or serving forces then a discount of £20 is taken off.

The session can either be in person at my therapy room in Dartford, Kent or via Skype/Zoom