Get To Know And Understand Your Chakras

Get To Know And Understand Your Chakras

Get To know And Understand Your Chakras Have you always wanted to learn about and understand your own Chakras?

If so then I can help you with guided meditation and discussion.

There are 7 well known Chakras running through our body from the base of your spine to the top of your head and these are energy centres that help balance our wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually. They are like swirling wheels of energy that work with each other but sometimes one or two can get blocked and that can leave us feeling out of balance. But this is easy to clear and rebalance through guided meditation.

For 7 Thursday evenings I will facilitate a 2 hour workshop where through guided meditation you get to see and learn about your own unique Chakras. I say unique because when you get to see your own Chakras they may not be the colours you were expecting and they may not look how you thought. We will also discuss their basic meanings and the different crystals, Angels & essential oils that are connected to each Chakra (though you may find your own Chakras want to use something different).

Once you understand & start working with your own unique Chakras you may find they open up your spiritual gifts as well as bringing healing, balance & peace to your mind, body & spirit.

Because this will be done online you will need to make sure you will be somewhere you won’t be disturbed, you can sit or lie down comfortably with a good internet connection. It will be recorded so that you can Listen back to it whenever you wish.

You can attend all 7 workshops or just the ones you feel would be of benefit for you. If you sign up to all seven workshops then it will only be £150.

Each individual workshop is £30.

Dates are 

16th June 2022 ~ Base Root Chakra

23rd June 20202 ~ Sacral Chakra

7th July 2022 ~ Solar Plexus Chakra 

14th July 2022 ~ Heart Chakra 

21st July 2022 ~ Throat Chakra 

28th July 2022 ~  Third Eye Chakra 

4th August 2022 ~ Crown Chakra 

Every session will be 2 hours between 7pm – 9pm.

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