Take Charge Of Your Destiny ~ Glastonbury Retreat

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of the world and one of Gaia’s vortexes which makes it a very special and magical place to run a retreat. I know how magical and transformational Glastonbury is having been on many journeys there over the last 20 years originally bringing transformation and healing into my life and for the last couple of years running retreats to bring transformation and healing into others’ lives. 

This retreat between Friday and Monday is designed to heal your past, create your future, transform your present so you can come home feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take charge of your destiny.

Chalice Well Glastonbury

Over 4 days we will work with Saint Germain, Mary Magdalene, Merlin, Dragons and your higher self to clear and transmute, connect with your heart, explore your past and future.

There will also free time to explore Glastonbury either on your own, with others or with me as a guide.

White Spring Glastonbury

If I can get us private access to The White Spring to connect with the Goddesses of Glastonbury, I will try to arrange that for one of the days when it is open. It is a beautiful sanctuary, and you may be allowed to bathe in the waters if you so choose (the water is very cold).

You will need to bring warm clothes and a torch with you as we will be going up the TOR on the Sunday evening to connect with the Dragons and Merlin. 

Glastonbury Compass

You will be able to make your own way by train and bus if you want though there will be a chance to car share, so we all travel down together and come back together. **Depending on interest we can stop at Avebury on the way back**

Breakfast can be included though most people prefer to bring their own or purchase when they arrive.

Dinner on Friday will be fish and chips or something we can cook. Saturday night we will go out to eat at one of the restaurants in Glastonbury. Sunday night will be cooked by all of us as a communal meal and we can buy any ingredients in Glastonbury (again if you think there is something you need to eat you are more than welcome to bring it).

Meditation Glastonbury

Some of the activities we will be doing depending on weather and if we can get entry are

Angel Card Readings, Violet Flame Healing with Saint Germain, Healing any Past Life/Ancestral/Childhood issues, Finding Your Purpose, Discovering a Past Life talent to being into the present, Creating Your Future, visiting The Tor to Connect to Your Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene, Chalice Well, Weary Hill, St Margaret's Chapel, The White Spring to connect with the Goddesses, time to explore and anything else that we are guided to do.

Going Down Tor Glastonbury

It is limited to a maximum of 8 people and includes accommodation where you will be sharing a room with one or two others (you may be able to have your own room for an extra cost subject to how many people want a room to themselves).

Your investment to relax, connect, grow and take charge of your destiny is only £367. If single rooms available then it is £457.

There is a non-refundable deposit of £100 to book your place and the rest can be paid in installments with full amount a week before.

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