Journey Through Lifetimes Part 1 – Where do I come from?

Journey Through Lifetimes Part 1 – Where do I come from?

come fromWhere do I come from?

This is a question that has been asked many times and from working with clients who want to explore their past lives and my own insights this is my answer to that question.

Yes you have come from many different places including dimensions, planets, nature and other places yet to be revealed.

Coming from other dimensions you may have been a dragon working with Merlin protecting crystals, woods/nature and helping to burn away and clear illusions that exist on Earth, other dimensions or planets. You may have come from other planets like Orion where you were in another form, possibly part of a star or it’s light, maybe from a black hole as part of the Universe or from the light of Source. You may also have started as part of Gaia as seedling, a dandelion, seaweed or any other organism.

In most of these existences you experienced beautiful colours some light, some dark, peacefulness, calmness, floating, weightlessness, being protected, loved and connected. You also had strength, courage with a longing or need to come to Earth so that you could experience a human existence. You wanted to learn, be free, explore, to bring guidance, knowledge and wisdom to assist not just yourself in growing and ascending but others who incarnated as well.

Sometimes although you have the opportunity, need or want to come to Earth you don’t want to leave that existence because you know that life here will not always be easy and you may have to experience several lifetimes before you can go back to the Universe/Source. But in the end you always decide to come to have different experiences that allow you to personally grow, evolve and assist all living things so raise the vibrations to the highest love and light.

As with all stories we started at the beginning, but then again is there a beginning, an ending or is there a continuation?

Journey Through Lifetimes is a way to explore where you came from, what your first incarnation on earth was, what past lives do you need to learn from, why did you choose your present lifetime and most importantly what is your purpose/reason for being here on earth now so that you can take charge of your destiny.

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