Here are the links for my Show Angels and Destiny, Guided Meditations, Me being Interviewed, Articles I have written and general photo's and videos.

  • Angels and Destiny Show

    These are the recordings of my weekly Angels and Destiny Show that are live on Facebook at 8pm UK time on Wednesdays. In this show I have amazing conversations with my guests who bring their knowledge and wisdom to help women take control of their destiny. If you feel that you can empower women than please contact me to be a guest on my show as i’m always looking to connect with like minded light workers.

  • Interviews

    These are recordings of me being interviewed on some wonderful shows with amazing people where I get the chance to share my wisdom and guidance with others.

  • Guided Meditations

    These are channelled guided meditations that I have recorded either for my show when I don’t have a guest or because I was guided to.

  • Photo’s and Videos

    These are various photographs and videos that don’t fall into any of the above categories.

  • Written Published Articles

    These are articles I have written or been interviewed for and have had published online and in magazines/papers.