My Journey To Step Into Confidence

My Journey To Step Into Confidence


This may be a surprise to those that know me but when I was younger I had very little self-confidence. I know hard to believe right when I do live videos, teach, interview guests, be a guest on other shows and talk passionately about what I do in front of peers and strangers, but if you ask my sister, she will tell you about when we were younger.

Whenever there was a group or couple of other people, I would always wait for my sister to go and chat to them before I would go and join them, silly right but I was very self-conscious of them not liking me or worse laughing at me.

Because I was able to get up on stage and act, I always appeared more confident than I was, but I was playing someone else, another character not my true self. In my early 20’s I learnt to hide behind a persona who appeared so self-reliant and very confident, but always in the background was that feeling of self-doubt, being critical of myself, worried others wouldn’t like me, anxiety and much more that I know you personally feel as well.

So how did I change this to become confident as the real Rae who is now showing up, stepping into who I truly am, talking passionately about what lights me up with self-esteem, self-confidence and not caring what others may think of me?

For me it was a long journey but when I started to clear negativity from around me, forgave myself, trusted my intuition, understood, and got passionate about why I was here on earth at this time things started to shift and I stepped into my true confident self, able to be fully present to help you on gaining your own self confidence and self-worth.

Guided meditation has been one of the driving forces in my journey and this led me to running meditation classes where I have guided participants on a journey that has stopped that chattering mind and allowed them to go into their subconscious to connect with their higher self, angels, guides, spirits or other energies of light and love. By starting with guided meditations you get used to relaxing your mind which in time can lead you doing silent meditations without the need for a guide.

6 Week Guided Meditation To Step Into Confidence

Lack of confidence is something i've seen in so many people through the years and I realised that it wasn't just one thing that stopped them being the confident people I knew they were and could be.

Clients would often have negative energy around them that had accumulated over the years, not enough compassion for themselves, holding grudges and not forgiving, not trusting their intuition and forgotten their passion for life, but once we started working on those issues their self-confidence started to come back.

This led me to creating a bespoke 6 week guided meditation to step into confidence so that I could could work with a client every week for 6 weeks with a bespoke guided meditation to clear these issues. This has been very empowering to the clients who have worked with me, but there were others who didn't have the time or money for bespoke personal sessions with me to step into their confidence.

I really wanted to help so I created an audio 6 week guided meditation series to step into confidence at a fraction of booking a personal session with me so it could be listened to in the comfort of your own home.

Feedback has been wonderful including "Rae’s six weeks guided meditations are truly inspiring and uplifting. After completing them in order, I now dip in and out and always find something new and exciting on these magical journeys. Definitely recommend"

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