Services Offered

Guided meditation in progress


is the key to help you go into your subconscious where all the answers are that will help you improve your life. It can help with better sleep, stress reduction, clearer thinking, positivity, improved health and much more. It is non-religious and can be done by anyone no matter what age or what background you come from and you are always in control.

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression

can help you get insights into your future, looking at areas including work, money, relationships and home. By exploring these you can start to make any changes in your life now either bringing the positive experiences forward or adjusting anything that needs to be changed to transform your present and so much more.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

is used in meditation to help you heal the past, see where the patterns in your current life have come from, why you are here now, help heal past emotions, how to transform your present and so much more.

Angelic Reiki Workshop

Angelic Reiki®

is energy healing that can help with stress, aches and pains, depression or any other physical, mental or emotional problems. It can also be used alongside orthodox medicine and any other holistic or complementary therapies and is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women, babies, children and animals.



can help your subconscious mind make positive changes in your life. It can help you with stopping smoking/vaping, more confidence, less stress, more relaxation, stopping bad habits, better perform in exams/sports/public speaking, eat healthier or many other issues in your life.

Card reading

Angel Card Reading

can give you guidance with what you need to know in the present moment and what you should do.

Afternoon Tea with the Angels

Afternoon tea with the Angels

is a chance to meet like minded people, chat about angels, do angel card readings, have a guided meditation and enjoy an afternoon tea.

Transformational Journey

Transformational Journey

using a mixture of everything I have learnt and offer we can create a bespoke journey just for you so that you can take charge of your destiny in the here and now.