Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops

Are you looking for a guest speaker or someone to run a workshop at your event?

I am available to do talks and workshops for a variety of subjects including

Meditation – 60 minutes talk about the benefits of meditation and a guided meditation for relaxation.




Future Life Progression (FLP)/Past Life Regression (PLR) – Can be done separately though I like to include both if possible for the workshops.

The talk is normally 45-60 minutes where I explain about FLP and or PLR and it’s benefits before taking the audience 100 years into the future or to a past life.

The workshops are either 2-3 hours or 5 hours with breaks. Within these depending on timings I explain about FLP/PLR and it’s benefits, I give the audience an exercise to find their most dominant sense, take them back 5 or 10 years in their current lifetime as a demonstration that they can move around in time. They then go into a future lifetime, past life or alternate future (depending on the audience) and finally 100 years into the future.


Angelic Reiki – 60 minutes talk where I explain Angelic Reiki and it’s benefits before doing a group healing session.




Angel Card Reading – 20 minute Angel Card reading where we use the cards not to predict your future but to know what is going on in your life at the moment and what you need to know for your highest good.