Has time sped up and if so why?


Have you noticed how time seems to be moving faster these days? I’ve recently been speaking to various people of different ages and all have said the same thing ‘time appears to be going so quickly these days’.

So that got me thinking what if time has started to speed up and if so what is the reason?

I believe that since the major shift in energy on 21/12/12 time as we used to know it is now moving at a different rate on this earth plane. I said in my last blog that we are all energy just in a solid form, which means time must be energy also.

If we accept that time is energy, then as energy ourselves we can affect time.

I think that as more people are connecting to the energy of angels and raising their levels then we are creating this speeding up process as we are eager to move to the next dimension/level of experience.

Even those people who are not yet ready to connect and accept the energy of angels are noticing that everything seems to be moving faster these days.

So my question to you is ‘Do you think time has sped up and if so why?’

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