Universal Love Event 21/12/2016

Universal Love Event 21/12/2016


Why have I created this event on Facebook you may be asking?

At this moment in time there appears to be a lot of negativity and hate around in the world although I know there are many people who don’t believe in this and want to spread love, peace and happiness.

Take for example Standing Rock and the water protectors who are standing in peace and love against the big corporations who want to pollute the earth for money with the pipe lines they are laying which have been known to poison water. They have been dignified in not physically fighting back against the officers and private security but sending them and the corporations prayers of forgiveness and peace.

You also have the Shia Muslims who have marched through Iraq on their yearly pilgrimage who are standing up Daesh through peace, love and prayers.

I feel that by joining together with many other people and sending out love for 1 minute we can create a wave of energy that will reach all living things no matter who or what they are. Think of the ripple effect, one person becomes more positive, which in turn influences someone they know to become more positive and so on.

There is some scientific evidence that collective prayer and thoughts create positive strong energy and everyone can find 1 minute no matter where they are or what they are doing.

The 21st of December marks the winter solstice and the re-birth of the sun when days start to get longer and light replaces darkness. 12 is also an angel number of positivity and faith and 1221 hours and 2112 hours are the same numbers as the date so again stronger energy.

Please see events on my Facebook page Radiant Angel Energy or my website for more details about this event.

Google Standing Rock or #NODAPL #STANDINGROCK #WATERISLIFE for more details on what is going on there.

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