Will I ever meet my departed loved one again?

Will I ever meet my departed loved one again?

Will I ever meet my departed loved one again?

This is a question I think most of us have asked at some point in our lives when someone close to us has passed away and we are missing them so much.

Going to see a medium or visit a spiritualist church are good ways of connecting with that person and a good medium will tell you what they are saying, but what if you wanted to connect with them directly, this is where Future Life Progression (FLP) can come in.

Future life Progression is a way of taking you into a relaxed state, like a waking dream where your subconscious comes into play and you connect to the universal energies of all possibilities and get to experience/see your future life in 5, 10, 100 years or more to gain knowledge to bring back to your present to help you achieve your goals.

But how can this help me meet and connect with a loved one you may ask, surely I can’t contact the dead like mediums or those with a gift have?

By going into a future lifetime with FLP you are in a relaxed state that allows the right side of your brain to come into play where you don’t question what is happening but accept what your subconscious is trying to tell you which makes it easier for departed loved ones to connect with you. Because it is in the future you are more open and relaxed to meeting up with your departed loved one then if you were trying to meet up with them now whilst your emotions are still raw or recent, as humans we find it easier to connect with and see the future than with the present.
Whilst in a future lifetime you may see that person, hear that person, feel that person or just know that they are with you. They may look the same as they did when you knew them or you both may look different but still have the same energy as this lifetime and recognise each other instantly. You can ask them questions about the present or future, explore your life together in the future or just spend time with them enjoying each other’s company. You are given time to do this and if you never got a chance to say goodbye or say what you wanted them to hear than this will give you the opportunity to do this but you may find that it’s not goodbye but adieu until you meet again and words are just not needed.

People I have taken into the future to meet a departed loved one have come back to the present feeling calmer, more present, still feel loved and have the validation that they will see and connect with the person they have lost in the future.


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