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Afternoon Tea with the Angels

9th January 2022 Dartford

6th February 2022 Dartford

6th March 2022 Dartford

This Afternoon Tea With The Angels will be taking place in person and online.

If you aren't able to come along in person then it will also be online without me providing the afternoon tea.

Zoom will be limited to 8 persons only for £5. If you wish to attend via Zoom please contact me for payment details and receive the link to join.

Afternoon Tea with the Angels in Dartford start at 3.00pm, with your arrival from 2.30pm.

We will chat about angels and spiritual matters, do angel card readings, a guided meditation, have afternoon tea and whatever else the angels suggest. But the most important thing is forgetting about everyday life for a couple of hours and chilling out with like minded people.

All it costs is £10 and a couple of hours of your time.

If you are going to come along then I need to know in advance and whether you have any dietary needs.


Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshop

Saturday 12th February and Sunday 13th February 2022 in Dartford.

Are you interested in learning more about Angels and want to connect with them to help others?
This workshop will give you the most perfect gift for you. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents and reveal your life’s purpose. It may also help you to support family and friends or be a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher.
You will be given practical ‘hands on’ experience in healing methodology involving healing as a channel, healing with intention, healing with a master and Galactic Healers and multi-dimensional healing.
Some things included in this workshop are:
• A full explanation about Angelic Reiki
• 3 Attunements including one by the Archangels
• 4 Healing methods and a chance to practice them
• How to cleanse and dedicate a healing space
• A complete cutting of Karmic ties
• A master crystal which you choose
• The official Angelic Reiki 1&2 certificate and Manual
And much, much more.
If you are interested in being attuned to Angelic Reiki and would like to start using this wonderful energy on yourself, family or friends then I will be facilitating this workshop in Dartford.
It will take place on Saturday 12th February 2022  9am-6.30pm and Sunday 13th February 2022  9am-6pm.
It is limited to 4 people so I can spend quality time with each of you and have plenty of time for you give and receive the various Angelic Reiki healing methods.
The investment for this workshop is £260 (£100 non-returnable deposit).
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require any further details (Payment options are available) x

The investment for this workshop is £260 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

If you have done this workshop with someone else and would like to re-sit it then it will only be £100 (£50 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.

flp vert1

Certified Future Life Progression Practitioner Training UK/USA

Friday 11th March, Saturday 12th March and Sunday 13th March 2022. Online.

Are you a therapist, work in wellbeing or looking to start a new venture?
Would you like to learn how to help others get clear on their future so they can become who they are truly meant to be?
Future Life Progression (FLP) is the perfect way of do this and has helped many people find the right courses, the right homes, the right work and so much more.
This is an intensive three day training that you fully participate in by practicing on your fellow students after demonstrations of going into various future lifetimes and past lives. You are fully supported for all three days and will be given the manuals and scripts you need to become a Future Life Progression Practitioner.
What the course includes:
The Consultation – Get this part right and the session will be a great success. It is vital that you know exactly how to set up the whole session. You will put your client at ease and explain what will happen and how they can gain the most from their experience.
The Process – Step by step process to relax your client and lead them into their future. This will include scripts and prompts to elicit the right information.
The Future – How to take your client to various time frames including their next and distant lifetimes. How to connect them to their future selves in order to bring back any abilities and wisdom they have gained.
Past Lives – How to take your client into their past lives.
Alternate Futures – Guiding your client to view various futures enabling them to make the best decisions now.
Setting yourself up in business – What to do to get clients and build a client base. How to become an authority in your own right.
And much more, including being part of an association that fully supports you, updates on all the latest techniques, access to support group. Once you have completed the course and provided the relevant case studies you will receive your certificate and be ready to become an FLP Practitioner.
Early bird investment of only £495/$671
(Payment options are available)
This will be online via Zoom starting at 4pmGMT/8amPST/11amEST until 10pmGMT/2pmPST/5pmEST on11th, 12th and 13th March 2022 so a good internet connection will be needed.
(Times may be subject to change)
This will give you a chance to work and connect with others across the pond and make new friends.

Early bird special offer of only £495.

Glastonbury Tor


Friday 10th June to Tuesday 14th June 2022.

This retreat is designed to heal your past, create your future, transform your present so you can come home feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take charge of your destiny.

Over 5 days we will work with Saint Germain, Mary Magdalene, Merlin, Dragons and your higher self to clear and transmute, connect with your heart, explore your past and future.

There will also be a cacao ceremony and a chance to experience CE5 contact with Extra Terrestrials as well as free time to explore Glastonbury either on your own, with others or with me as a guide.

If I can get us private access to The White Spring to connect with the Goddesses of Glastonbury, I will try to arrange that for one of the days when it is open. It is a beautiful sanctuary, and you may be allowed to bathe in the waters if you so choose (the water is very cold).

You will need to bring warm clothes and a torch with you as we will be going up the TOR on the Sunday evening to connect with the Dragons and Merlin. We will also be outside when we will have our cacao ceremony and attempt to have CE5 contact. 

You will be able to make your own way by train and bus if you want though there will be a chance to car share, so we all travel down together and come back together.

Breakfast can be included though most people prefer to bring their own or purchase when they arrive.

Dinner on Friday will be fish and chips or something we can cook. Saturday night we will go out to eat at one of the restaurants in Glastonbury. Sunday night and Monday will be cooked by all of us as a communal meal and we can buy any ingredients in Glastonbury (again if you think there is something you need to eat you are more than welcome to bring it).

It is limited to a maximum of 8 people and includes accommodation where you will be sharing a room with one or two others (you may be able to have your own room for an extra cost subject to how many people want a room to themselves).

Your investment to relax, connect, grow and take charge of your destiny is only £499 for all 5 days/4 nights. 

There is a non-refundable deposit of £100 to book your place and the rest can be paid in installments with full amount a week before.

A full schedule will be given on receipt of deposit though this may change before we get down to Glastonbury or whilst we are down there depending on weather and not being able to get into The White Spring.

To register your place, get more details and/or pay the deposit please contact me direct.

Investment of only £499

There will be a non-refundable deposit of £100 to book your place and the rest can be paid in installments with full amount a week before.


Angelic Reiki 3&4 Workshop


Are you ready to take the next step on your journey?
Then the purpose of this workshop is to initiate you into the Master energy of Angelic Reiki and to awaken your spiritual talents to fulfil your life’s purpose on earth at this time.
This workshop is not a teacher qualification, it is a stepping stone along your own personal spiritual path. You may find work colleagues and friends will seek advice where they didn’t before and life may unfold in a new way.
This workshop is a gift for you if you want to merge more deeply with the Angelic Kingdom.
Somethings included in this workshop are:
• Review of the Nature of Angelic Energy and Archangels.
• Grounding and the Feeling Body Meditation.
• Three healing exchanges.
• Two cleansing and attunements
• Angelic Ray attunement.
• Masters Archangelic Initiation.
• Provision of the 3 & 4 official workbook.
• Award of the official, internationally recognised
• Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 Master certificate.
And much, much more.
It will take place on Saturday 9am-6.30pm and Sunday 9am-6pm.
It is limited to 4 people so I can spend quality time with each of you and have plenty of time for you to give and receive the various Angelic Reiki healing methods.
For those who have achieved Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 with Rae or another registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.
The cost of this workshop is £360 (£100 non-returnable deposit).
If you want to re-sit the workshop then contact me for details of a reduced cost.

The investment of this workshop is £360 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

If you have done this workshop with someone else and would like to re-sit it then it will only be £200 (£50 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.

Radiant Angel Energy (1)

Wellbeing Day Fundraiser For Kent Equine Facilitated Learning


On  between 11.30am to 5pm I will be at The Wellbeing Fundraiser at The Little Horse Yard, Mussenden Lane, Horton Kirby DA4 9JW.
At 2pm I will be running a workshop with Caroline from Ascending Angels where we will be blending our beautiful angelic energies and sounds of the crystal singing bowls to create an explorative journey into the heart to bring healing, joy and happiness. Listening to the angelic crystal sounds as you are guided on a journey within to liberate your heart, to dissolve those illusions of limitation of love for yourself, for others, for your life and your dreams and embrace 100% of the pure, joyful love that flows through your heart.
I will also be in the caravan offering Angelic Reiki (a beautiful healing by angels) with an angel card reading for 25 minutes or taking you into the Future to meet a departed loved one, get to spend some time with them and maybe ask a question or get some advice for 25 minutes. Either session is only £20.
If you would like private session with me on the day then it might be advisable to pre-book by contacting me direct so you don't miss out.
Times available in the caravan are
Entry £15 per person with free access to any of the workshops.

Parking available

All proceeds to raise funds for Kent Equine Facilitated Learning the CIC company that works to support people with their mental health.
You can find out more, including other workshops, stalls and therapies being offered and payment details for the event on the find more button.

Angelic Reiki Workshop Professional Practitioner


The investment of this workshop is £210 + £90 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.


Angelic Reiki Workshop Master Teacher


The investment of this workshop is £390 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.


Meditation Evening

TBC Dartford

Guided meditation evening is between 7.30pm and 8.15pm.

If you have never tried meditation before or find it difficult to do on your own, then come along and meet other like minded people.

Meditation can help improve sleep, reduce rumination (worry, negative self-talk and regret), stress reduction, improved immune system response, less emotional reactivity, improved overall wellbeing and much more besides.

Meditation is non-religious and can be done by anyone no matter what age or what background you come from.

If you don’t fancy coming out in the cold or are unable to get to me then it is possible to join in the meditation via Skype. All you need to do is make sure you have a good internet connection, video, microphone, speakers and won’t be disturbed to be able to join in. When you contact me to say you wish to join I will sent you the payment details and once received I will send you the link.

Please try to arrive by 7.15pm to start at 7.30pm.

All it costs is £5 and an hour of your time.

It is limited to 8 people so you will need to let me know in advance if you will be attending.


Freedom to Transform in the presence of Horses.

Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm
Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm
Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm

Michelle and her herd of beautiful horses assist you in learning more about yourself to move forwards in your life while Rae assists you in clearing your past, creating your future & transforming your present. By combining their work they will help you take charge of your destiny and become braver than you are.

You will spend 7 sessions in total over a 3 month period working with the Horses, Michelle & Rae in group and 1:1 sessions learning more about yourself, clearing your past, creating your future and transforming your present allowing you to take steps to be more focused, bring out your inner wisdom & have the freedom to be your authentic you.

Taking place over 3 months on

Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm

Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm

Sunday TBC 10am – 4pm

Between 1st and 2nd Group Session – 1:1 session with Michelle and the horses and a 1:1 Session with Rae to clear a past life. Dates will be decided between individuals.

Between 2nd and 3rd Group Session – 1:1 session with Michelle and the horses and a 1:1 Session with Rae to go 5-10 years into the future. Dates will be decided between individuals.

Group day outline is as follows

  • 10am Introduction of the course and housekeeping
  • 1030am Anchoring
  • 11am – 12pm Meet the horses and do some energy work with them.
  • 12pm – 1230pm Angelic Reiki
  • 1230pm – 1.30pm Lunch
  • 130pm – 2.30pm Meet the horses and do some more energy work with them.
  • 2.30pm – 3.30pm See your Future Life Time
  • 3.30pm – Time to process

This is for Men and women who are looking to live a more fulfilling contented life where they have the courage to move from their comfort zone into their growth zone bringing clarity and knowing.

Investment of only £500

Deposit of £100 to confirm place and 2 payments if not able to pay full amount straight away by contacting Michelle on 07539243906 or Rae on 07582201657 and if you have any questions.

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