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Afternoon Tea with the Angels

2nd February 2020 Dartford


I will be hosting an Angel afternoon tea party in Dartford on 02/02/20 arriving 2.30pm to start at 3.00pm.

We will chat about angels and spiritual matters, do angel card readings, a guided meditation, have afternoon tea and whatever else the angels suggest. But the most important thing is forgetting about everyday life for a couple of hours and chilling out with like minded people.

All it costs is £5 and a couple of hours of your time.

If you are going to come along then I need to know in advance and whether you have any dietary needs.






Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshop

28th February, 29th February, 1st March 2020 Dartford


Are you interested in learning more about Angels and want to connect with them?

This workshop will give you the most perfect gift for you. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents and reveal your life’s purpose. It may also help you to support family and friends or be a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher.

You will be given practical ‘hands on’ experience in healing methodology involving healing as a channel, healing with intention, healing with a master and Galactic Healers and multi-dimensional healing.

Some things included in this workshop are:

  • A full explanation about Angelic Reiki
    • 3 Attunements including one by the Archangels
    • 4 Healing methods and a chance to practice them
    • How to cleanse and dedicate a healing space
    • A complete cutting of Karmic ties
    • A master crystal which you choose
    • The official Angelic Reiki 1&2 certificate and Manual

And much, much more.

If you are interested in being attuned to Angelic Reiki and would like to start using this wonderful energy on yourself, family or friends then I will be facilitating this workshop in Dartford.

It will take place on Friday 28th February 6pm-9pm, Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March 10am-5.30pm.

The investment for this workshop is £252 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

If you have done this workshop with someone else and would like to re-sit it then it will only be £100 (£50 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.





Certified Future Life Progression Practitioner Training

26th, 27th and 28th June 2020  Venue TBC


If you want to learn the skills to help others move forwards or backwards in time without the aid of a Tardis or DeLorean then Future Life Progression (FLP) with Past Life Regression (PLR) is the wonderful way to assist people on transforming their lives and taking charge of their destiny.

When you train as an FLP Practitioner you not only get the chance to practice the different techniques but also get to experience going forward and back in time to help you clear blockages that may be holding you back and see how you can move forwardin your future to be the best person you can possibly be.

How wonderful it is to be able to go forward 5 & 10 years, view a future lifetime or even an alternate future that will enable you to make changes in your life now with tips and advice from your future self.

This is a certified course where you will gain all the skills and knowledge to expand your spiritual/emotional growth, increase your confidence as an FLP practitioner, understand how to build rapport easily with your clients and most importantly helping others to evolve, grow, fulfill their potential to discover who they truly are and why they are here in this lifetime.

This course is delivered in a practical manner that includes demonstrations, exercises, manual, scripts, case studies, support, certification and most importantly a course you will enjoy doing.

Ideally you will already be qualified in some form of therapeutic work but it is not essential as existing practitioners have come from a wide variety of backgrounds bringing their own unique qualities and skills.

Once certified as an FLP practitioner you will be part of a community that is fully supportive of each other with access to a support group and updates on any new developments.

Next 3 day training course to become a Fully Certified FLP – Future Life Progression Practitioner.

On:  26th June, 27th June and 28th June 2020

Venue: TBC

Time: Friday from 10.00am-5pm, Saturday from 10.00am-5pm and Sunday from 10.00am-4.30pm

What the course includes:

The Consultation – Get this part right and the session will be a great success.
It is vital that you know exactly how to set up the whole session. You will put your client at ease and explain what will happen and how they can gain the most from their experience.

The Process – Step by step process to relax your client and lead them into their future. This will include scripts and prompts to elicit the right information

The Future – How to take your client to various time frames including their next and distant lifetimes. How to connect them to their future selves in order to bring back any abilities and wisdom they have gained.

Past Lives – How to take your client into their past lives.

Alternate Futures – Guiding your client to view various futures enabling them to make the best decisions now.

Setting yourself up in business– What to do to get clients and build a client base. How to become an authority in your own right.

And much more, including being part of an association that fully supports you, updates on all the latest techniques, access to support group. Once you have completed the course and provided 2 case studies you will receive your certificate and be ready to become an FLP Practitioner.

Early bird special offer of only £495.






Angelic Reiki 3&4 Workshop



The purpose of this workshop is to initiate you into the Master energy of Angelic Reiki and to awaken your spiritual talents to fulfil your life’s purpose on earth at this time.

This workshop is not a teacher qualification, it is a stepping stone along your own personal spiritual path. You may find work colleagues and friends will seek advice where they didn’t before and life may unfold in a new way.

This workshop is a gift for you if you want to merge more deeply with the Angelic Kingdom.

Somethings included in this workshop are:

  • Review of the Nature of Angelic Energy and Archangels.
  • Grounding and the Feeling Body Meditation.
  • Three healing exchanges.
  • Two cleansing and attunements
  • Angelic Ray attunement.
  • Masters Archangelic Initiation.
  • Provision of the 3 & 4 official workbook.
  • Award of the official, internationally recognised Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 Master certificate.

And much, much more.

It will take place on Friday  6pm-9pm, Saturday  10am-5.30pm and Sunday 10am-5.30pm.

For those who have achieved Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 with Rae or another registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

The investment of this workshop is £360 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

If you have done this workshop with someone else and would like to re-sit it then it will only be £200 (£50 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.






Angelic Reiki Workshop Professional Practitioner



The purpose of this course is to extend and deepen your knowledge of the healing process and to provide appropriate support and training if you are interested in practising professionally.

It is divided into 2 parts, a 2 day workshop and a 1 day workshop.

Part 1 has 2 new healing methods and covers advanced healing, including the causes of disease and focuses on the spiritual principles underpinning Angelic Reiki as a healing modality.

Part 2 covers the practical and spiritual issues involved in being a professional healer. If you are already an experienced professional healer then an application can be made to omit this part.

The depth to which business issues are covered in part 2 will depend on the teacher’s area of specialist knowledge. Every teacher cannot be expected to be an expert in accountancy, business management and marketing. It is therefore up to you to source particular information you may need.

Professional Practitioner part 1 includes:

  • One clearing and entity release.
  • Two attunements. Angelic Reiki 4th degree and the 3rd & 4th degree Archangelic Initiation with the Mighty Sarim.
  • Information on the two types of healing used in Angelic Reiki; Magnetic and Radiatory.
  • Working with the feeling body.
  • Review of how to cleanse and dedicate a space and the purpose and function of this in the healing situation.
  • Healing into death and an understanding of death and the dying process.
  • The nature of disease and the implications of this on the healing session.
  • The healing session.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Duration.
  • Listening and communication skills.
  • Feedback.
  • How to deal with clients who are on medication.

Professional Practitioner part 2 includes:

  • Setting up in private practice.
  • Legislation and insurance.
  • Practical management, healing space, renting verses using a space in your home, organising appointments and setting boundaries.
  • Fees to be charged for sessions.
  • Setting up in business, business plan, funding and keeping accounts.
  • Marketing, promoting yourself and the principles of creating your own reality.
  • Code of ethics.
  • Ongoing professional development and discussion of issues raised.
  • Mentoring and supervision.
  • Certificates are awarded only when an agreement to embrace the code of ethics has been signed and you have completed 3 practice Angelic Reiki healing sessions.

It will take place on Saturday  10am-5.30pm and Sunday  10am-5.30pm. The third day to go through running a business will be decided by students

For those who have achieved Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 + level 3 & 4 with Rae or another registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Also if you intend to practice as a professional Angelic Reiki Practitioner and/or Master Teacher.

The investment of this workshop is £210 + £90 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.






Angelic Reiki Workshop Master Teacher



The purpose of this course is to initiate you into the Master Teacher energy of Angelic Reiki healing. This will happen in the most perfect way for you and it is recommended that you just be open to whatever may unfold. It includes all the information needed to be able to clear, protect and dedicate a space, and hold energy so that the Angelic Kingdom can facilitate the attunements.

Honouring the spiritual principles, cosmic laws and ancient wisdom which underpin Archangel Metatron’s pure Angelic Reiki, this unique system of Angelic healing and consciousness expansion is not taught one to one, nor via distance learning/remote attunements but in a group workshop only.

Master Teacher includes:

  • Principles and practice of clearing and dedicating the space.
  • Fourth degree clearing, entity release and attunement.
  • Meditation with the Archangels of the Tree of Life.
  • Archangel Master initiation and attunement.
  • Grounding and the feeling body.
  • Setting up as a teacher.
  • Practical advice for setting up workshops.
  • Workshop guidance.
  • Practical experience and guidance for leading a healing practice.
  • Guidance on facilitating attunements, cleanses and the entity release.
  • Organisation, support and responsibilities of the teacher.
  • Review and discussion of any topics or issues presented in Angelic Reiki.
  • Provision of the comprehensive manual.
  • Award of the official, internationally recognised Angelic Reiki Master Teacher certificate.

It will take place on Friday  6pm-9pm, Saturday  10am-5.30pm and Sunday  10am-5.30pm.

For those who have achieved Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 + level 3 & 4 + Professional Practitioner level with Rae or another registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and you wish to teach.

The investment of this workshop is £390 (£100 non-returnable deposit).

This can be paid in installments.            





Meditation Evening

TBC Dartford


I will be holding a evening guided meditation on 17/12/19 between 7.30pm and 8.15pm.

If you have never tried meditation before or find it difficult to do on your own, then come along and meet other like minded people.

Meditation can help improve sleep, reduce rumination (worry, negative self-talk and regret), stress reduction, improved immune system response, less emotional reactivity, improved overall wellbeing and much more besides.

Meditation is non-religious and can be done by anyone no matter what age or what background you come from.

If you don’t fancy coming out in the cold or are unable to get to me then it is possible to join in the meditation via Skype. All you need to do is make sure you have a good internet connection, video, microphone, speakers and won’t be disturbed to be able to join in. When you contact me to say you wish to join I will sent you the payment details and once received I will send you the link.

Please try to arrive by 7.15pm to start at 7.30pm.

All it costs is £5 and an hour of your time.

It is limited to 8 people so you will need to let me know in advance if you will be attending.

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