Divine Presence was an amazing experience, it felt so much like going on a journey. I felt like I travelled to different dimensions/times/realities and connection to different realms. I went to relive valuable experiences for my healing journey, to receive information about my mission and received very clear messages. It also brought me comfort at times and a deep sense of belonging to the Cosmos and Gaia. It was an insightful opportunity to see what will happen next to and on Gaia to prepare for the future. I am very grateful for this beautiful journey x

Diane, Kent

Thank you for my journey to Correl with Divine Presence, it was interesting and I've been thinking about it a lot today. I think my journey has confirmed what my next step should be, it was clarifying and enlightening. Many thanks again for my journey.

Kevin, Kent

What a multidimensional retreat Divine Presence is, it felt enlightening, tranquil and a powerful journey. Thank you again for facilitating a harmonic trip though dimensions xx

Kelly, Kent

Wonderful. The experience of visiting Correl was an overwhelming feeling of going home. My guide was loving and gentle. On reaching the dimension others came and the sense of peace and harmony was wonderful. I was shown how to ground and stabalise when back on earth and to live from the heart centre. Much needed and appreciated advice. Thank you Rae x

Iris, Kent

Thank you Rae for the Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression in helping find the blocks that seem to be holding me back from my purpose.

Before the session I felt humanity were being divided with the beliefs and perceptions of what is currently playing out on this planet. I now have a much better clarity of mind with deeper meditations and more powerful self healing.

I also feel that there is a positive shift beginning to take place not just for me but for the whole of humanity.

Paul, Kent

I decided to do Journey Through Lifetimes with Rae as I wanted to explore why I had blocks in my current lifetime and why things had happened to me.

It was out of my comfort zone to look into other time dimensions but I was curious to know why recently I was being guided to look at past lives.

I found it very relaxing despite the difficult experiences I had previously had in my lifetimes. Some of it didn’t make sense at first and I constantly doubted that it could be real. Rae made the experience very comfortable and guided me all the way through the experience calmly and without judgement

I now feel I can start to make sense of why I felt the way I did in my current lifetime and how I have previously reacted in certain situations

It was quite exhausting going through the journey at the time but is enabling me to make better progress now on my current journey in this lifetime.

I had no idea where I originated from but kept being guided to find out if I was a Starseed so now it all makes sense as I am one. I didn’t fully appreciate that I was not only human in my lifetimes but cosmic and plant life too.

If you want to explore what makes you the way they truly are and want to learn from the experience then Rae is very experienced and professional in her approach to clients and made me feel relaxed and safe during the process. I was relaxed working with her and always felt able to be in control of the experience.

Having the remote session was very easy and worked well. I was able to be comfy at home which was a benefit as I could relax afterwards and reflect on the session without being distracted. If you can't attend in person then I highly recommend the online session.


Thank you so much Rae for my online Journey through Lifetimes - was an incredible experience that taught me so much about myself and why I am here. It's beautiful to know the future is bright despite the lifetimes I have travelled through. Highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to explore further.

Belinda, Australia

Thank you so much for my online Angelic Reiki session, it was very nice to be on the receiving end for a change! I felt very relaxed and received a prominent message that I need to have more fun, this is so relevant to me and I will certainly take this on board!

Kalie Jade, Kent

Just had an online Angel Card Reading with Rae today and was blown away by how spot on it was and so very helpful going forward. Rae just has a warmth about positivity about her that makes you feel safe. I thought I might find it different online but it was equally as good as in person. I’ve since been walking round with a happy glow and excitement for the future. Highly recommend Thank you so much Rae .

Jackie, Kent

I went to Rae for Angelic Reiki healing and it was amazing! Rae has such a lovely presence and is very welcoming. I would definitely go to Rae for Reiki again, It was a great experience. I also loved the angel card reading at the end of the session and thought it was nice to be given a crystal to take home. I left feeling very grounded and relaxed. I have also attended a couple of the Afternoon Tea's which is a nice way to meet like minded people, take part in a guided meditation and do angel card readings in a calm atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Radiant Angel Energy to everyone!

Kelly Jayne

I met Rae on holidays.Her reading and Reiki helped me start my self healing. Even though we live in different continents I will stay in touch by watching her daily gratitude posts and her podcasts. I can’t recommend her skills highly enough. Thank you Rea I am so grateful.

Linda, Australia

Rae gave me motivation to take the first step into my healing & moving forward through Reiki & readings. Her daily gratitude postings are inspirational & I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough.

Kaye, Australia

I have attended several meditation sessions with Rae and they have been truly enlightening experiences.

From the moment you walk through her door, you are made to feel welcome and there’s positive energy throughout her home. Rae has a lovely presence too.

I have also completed an Angelic Reiki course with Rae and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. My life is now taking on a completely different path and Rae has helped me to discover what I need to do.

I wholeheartedly recommend any of the services that are offered by Rae.

Delia. Kent

Had an absolutely fantastic session with Rae… future life progression and angelic reiki and they have both really helped me at a time I needed it most thank you Rae xxxx

Esther, Kent

There is only one word that I can think of and that is WOW I experienced the most POWERFUL past life/future mediation that I have ever had! Rae is a lovely and extremely gifted lady…. Id recommend that everyone should go along and experience this powerful and enlightening experience. xxx

Beth, Kent

Today was a special day. It was the final day of Rae’s angelic 3&4 workshop and all four of us students had a successful ascension to this new level. It was an amazing weekend with great insight and the love of the angels being showered upon us. It doesn’t get much better than this. Rae’s a great facilitator and teacher and is an excellent guide through this spiritual passage. She offers much more than the standard format and will lead us to where she is guided. I practice Usui reiki but the more I do angelic the more it calls out to me. I look forward to her next course and continuing my own progress in this modality and will one day bang hard on the angelic reiki drum. In the meantime, my friends and family are more than welcome to accept what this can do for them. For those thinking about doing a course with Rae, don’t wait. Make the investment and change your life. It is definitely a five-star rating from me

Gary, Kent

I had a truly wonderful angelic healing session with Rae. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed, after healing with Rae I felt lighter and more at peace. More like my old self which still sits with me today. You know I still think about the second session at ACE, where I felt energy literally coming into my chest / heart area and it always leaves me feeling such peace and presence. Thank you so very much x


I have visited Rae on several occasions for reasons ranging from relaxation to problem solving and have always felt comfortable and cared for by Rae and the angels around her. I have sometimes had strong feelings of comfort or direction but have also had times when it has been more subtle but later in the evening a clarity has come over me and made things far more clearer and bearable. I believe in what Rae does and the gift that she has so much so that my 15 year old daughter has visited her as well for help with her exams and for calmness, she enjoyed her experience and found it enlightening.

Lisa, Dartford

A blissful experience is how I would describe my Reiki sessions with Rae. A crystal and oracle card readings were included. Rae helped me deal with issues arising after a bereavement. I now feel calmer and issues that loomed large were put into perspective and no longer worry me. Rae also hosts meditation evenings that enable you to meet like minded people. Thank you Rae.

Linda, Bexleyheath

I was in search of a Angelic Reiki teacher when I came across Rae's website. I wanted to continue on my spiritual journey and complete my Angelic Reiki 3&4 and Practitioner level. It had been many years since I first completed my 1&2 level, and life had been extremely challenging! I was more than a little nervous as I felt completely out of practice, but Rae was kind, thoughtful, patient and so knowledgeable I felt like I'd known her for years! Nothing is too much trouble for Rae, she has, and is still helping me enormously. I would fully recommend Rae, for any pupil looking to find that special teacher, but also for a wonderful healing! Rae literally glows with pure healing energy!

Aaron, Kent

Meeting Rae at “Mind, Body and Spirit” festival in Earl’s Court was a huge blessing and gift. When I took my workshop Angelic Reiki 1 and 2, I had no idea what to expect, but if even I had, it would have exceeded all possible expectations. It was the first time in my live that I experienced the bliss of unconditional Love. What happened to me was extraordinary. I truly enjoyed the way Rae explained things so simply, and somehow everything makes much more sense; it is as if she has lifted a veil from me. The healing sessions were great and my clients and I felt the benefits. It was one of the most profound experiences of my lifetime so far. My gratitude is beyond words.

Anna, London, The UK

I visited Rae recently for an Angelic Reiki healing session because I was under a lot of stress and not sleeping well and I dislike the doctors and medication route. The session was very relaxing and I could actually feel the healing working in areas of my body that were giving me issues, also the card reading and chat after was very interested and very enlightening. Rae was very welcoming and I felt totally at ease from the moment I arrived I highly recommend visiting her ……. I woke the next morning feeling much more positive about things.

Kev, Kent

I highly recommend Radiant Angel Energy. I have had two sessions now and I feel so much calmer, clearer and stronger. Rae’s wonderful healing and expert knowledge have given me a much needed stillness in a busy and sometimes, stressful life. I feel more purposeful, and so much more chilled out and able to cope with life. Thank you so much.

Andrea, Dartford, Kent

I have received Angelic Reiki from Rae on three occasions so far, and have found them to be very beneficial. A feeling of helplessness in a situation that could not be altered was the reason for trying Angelic Reiki. Each session was quiet and calming leaving me with a sense of well being and a positive feeling. I recommend you try Angelic Reiki.

Monica, Erith, Kent

I recently received Angelic Reiki from Rae, I have to say this was my first time of having this done and I have to say what a wonderful experience it was. I have never felt so relaxed during and most certainly after this treatment. I felt cleansed and very refreshed. Angelic Reiki has certainly helped me get through a few difficult experience’s of late. I cannot wait to have this done again, also I have recommended Rae too many of my friends and family.

Karen, Erith, Kent

I received Angelic Reiki from Rae and it was a wonderful experience. I have always had trouble relaxing and I was amazed that once the healing started I felt I was floating and found myself relaxing. Afterwards I felt wonderful and now find it easier to get into a relaxed state. I look forward to my next session and would recommend having Angelic Reiki with Rae.

Lee, Bexleyheath, Kent

I received Angelic Reiki from Rae whilst down in Glastonbury and it was a wonderful experience. I have always had trouble meditating and I was amazed that once the healing started I felt I was flying amongst the clouds, swimming with dolphins and actually meditating. Afterwards I felt wonderful and now find it easier to get into a meditative state. I look forward to my next session and would recommend having Angelic Reiki with Rae.

Jacquie, Basildon, Essex