What to expect during the healing

Once I have welcomed you into the room I will invite you discuss anything you feel will assist the healing and answer any questions you may have thought of on your way to the session.The consultation

I will then start the healing with you either sitting in a chair or lying down fully clothed with only your shoes taken off.

If you are sitting I will then place my hands above your shoulders or if you are lying down one hand above your higher heart chakra and the other above your solar plexus chakra.

I then open myself up as a channel so that the perfect healing angel and any ascended masters or galactic healers can send their energy through me to heal you through all dimensions and incarnations.

The HealingAs you relax with the music you may feel a tingling or warming sensation, you may receive information in the form of colours, memories, visuals, nothing at all or simply fall asleep as the healing is unique to you and everyone has different experiences. Rest assured that whatever you experience the healing will be directed to where it needs to go and will work on subtle levels.

Once the healing is complete I will close myself down as the channel and will bring you back to reality with a glass of water and we can discuss any information received or what you experienced.

After you have received the Angelic Reiki you may feel very relaxed and peaceful so I would advise you be kind to yourself for the rest of the day, not drink alcohol but drink plenty of water.

The whole Angelic Reiki session normally lasts about an hour and the healing can continue for up to 28 days afterwards.

Card readingAfter the healing session I do an Angel card reading for you, it is not to predict the future but to give you an insight in what you need to know now in your present life for your highest good.

You will also be given a clear quartz crystal that has picked up the energy of the healing session which you can carry with you or meditate with whenever you wish.